Special Tax Relief for U. S. Armed Forces

With just one month remaining in the 2017 tax return filing season, active members of the United States Armed Forces should pay attention to certain tax deductions and extensions available to them due to their service. To assist with identifying special tax relief offered to military personnel and their families, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued Publication 3, Armed Forces’ Tax Guide. Available online, this guide covers various tax situations applicable to members of the U. S. Armed Forces.

Special tax advantages for active military members include:

  • Deduction of Travel Expenses. Reservists whose service duties take them more than 100 miles from home can deduct unreimbursed travel expenses.
  • Combat Zone Exclusion. Combat pay can be excluded from your income. Serving for a partial month in a combat zone provides you the ability to exclude the entire month.
  • Tax Return Filing Extension. Active members who are in a combat zone or abroad may receive a 180-day extension if their filing deadline becomes due before or during their military service.
  • Signing Returns via Power of Attorney. If a military member is overseas or incapacitated, their agent under a power of attorney may sign and file the necessary return. On a joint income tax return a spouse can sign for both spouses if military duties prevent one spouse from being able to sign.
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